Light Chocolate Merle Male
Dark Chocolate Merle Male
Glenhaven Cockapoos


At Six Weeks
Of Age.

Pictures Coming

In December!

New Puppy

Blue Merle
Reserved / Glen H.
Reserved / Annmarie J.

Pictures Coming

In December!

New Puppy

Reserved / Ellen D.
Chocolate Merle
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Haley & Oz's
Puppies Were Born
December 6th!

Puppies Will Be Ready For Homes January 31st!

At Eight Weeks
Of Age.

Available Puppies: Haley and Oz's puppies were born on December 6th and will be eight weeks of age and ready for homes on January 31st. Their puppies normally mature as Miniatures in the 10 lb. - 20 lb. range, and as small Standards in the 20 lb. - 25 lb. range.

Available Puppies: Bridgett and Oz are expecting their litter around the first week of February. Their puppies will be eight weeks of age and ready for their new homes around the last week of March. Bridgett and Oz's puppies normally mature as Miniatures in the 10 lb. - 20 lb. range and as Toys in the 7 lb. - 10 lb. range. The colors they've produced in their prior litters have been Blue Merle, Chocolate Merle, Solid Black, Solid Chocolate, Black Phantom, Chocolate Phantom, Buff and Blonde.

Deposits: As always, your welcome to wait until puppies reach six weeks of age and can be visited in person to place a Deposit on a puppy. However, we are currently accepting Deposits for puppies in Haley and Oz's litter, as well as puppies in Bridgett and Oz's upcoming litter. At times all puppies may already have Deposits on them prior to reaching six weeks of age. The Deposit to Reserve a puppy is $100, with the balance being due on the day the puppy goes home with you. Prior to sending a Deposit please give us a call so we can answer any question you may have, and confirm one of our puppies will be a good fit for your household.

Visiting Hours: Once the puppies reach six weeks of age your welcome to schedule a visit to meet the puppies and their parents in person, where your encourged to take all the time you need to interact with and get to know the puppies and their parents and receive answers to any additional questions you may have. Visits can be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00AM and 8:00PM. Once the puppies reach eight weeks of age, puppy visits and pick-ups can be scheduled on any day of the week during the same times.

Sizes & Weights: Toy Cockapoos mature at 10" or less to the top of the shoulder and ours usually weigh under 10 lbs. Miniature Cockapoos mature at over 10" but under 15" to the top of the shoulder and ours usually weigh over 10 lbs. but under 20 lbs. Standard Cockapoos mature at 15" or taller to the top of the shoulder and ours usually weigh over 20 lbs. We make every effort to provide accurate estimates on puppies future adult size and weight based on the puppies current size and weight, the size and weight of the parents, and of the parents adult puppies from prior litters. However, we cannot guarantee adult size and weight.

Delivery & Shipping: If you live in Florida, but more than an hour from Dade City, we'll be glad to drive and meet you at approximately the half-way point, at no additional charge and deliver your puppy on the day it goes home with you. We also offer shipping in the Continental United States and Canada via United Airlines PetSafe Program for an additional charge of $300 to cover the cost of the airfare and the shipping crate.

Health: When our puppies go to their new homes they're current on puppy shots and worming and have a Florida Health Certificate issued by our vet. They also go to their new homes with a written guarantee against genetic health issues for two years from date of purchase. We dock tails and dew-claws, sell only to approved pet homes and all puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract. Please click the 'Contract' tab at the top of this page and review our Purchase Agreement which will be completed on the day your puppy goes home with you.

Waiting List: If you'd like to be notified by email whenever new puppy pictures are posted on our web-site, please click the 'Contact Us' tab at the top of this page and then send us an email and we'll be glad to add you to our list of parties wishing to be notified anytime puppy pictures are added or updated on our website.

References: Many of our puppies new Adoptive Families have decided if one Glenhaven Cockapoo is great then two can only be better. We'll be glad to provide references as well as our vet's contact information.

Thanks for your interest in Glenhaven Cockapoos!
Welcome To Glenhaven!

We've been raising Cockapoos for over fifteen years and selectively breed them in Toy, Miniature and Standard sizes for optimal health, temperament, and coat quality. To insure our Cockapoos get all the attention they deserve and desire all of our adults, as well as our puppies, live in our home as members of our family. Our puppies are born in our living room and raised there until the day they go home with their new families. Growing up, they're handled daily from birth, surrounded not only by us and their four legged Mom and Dad, but also an extended family of Cockapoo relatives. As the puppies get older they're introduced to our Boxer, two cats and an array of family and friends who stop by to visit.
9.5 lb. CKC
Miniature Poodle

16.5 lb. CKC
Miniature Cockapoo
7.85 oz.
7.60 oz.
7.80 oz.
6.85 oz.
6.65 oz.
4.55 oz.