We are also currently accepting Deposits on a new litter we expect to be born in July and ready for new homes in late August. Once the new puppies reach five to six weeks of age, they can be seen in person, by appointment.

If you'd like, you can mail a Deposit to Reserve a 'Choice of Puppies' in your name. Choices are made when the puppies are old enough to be seen in person at five to six weeks of age, and are made in the same order as the Deposits were received. The Deposit to reserve a 'Choice of Puppies' is $100 with the balance of $650 being due on the date the puppy goes home with you. Of course, your welcome to wait until the puppies can be seen in person and then place a Deposit on a specific puppy. Please do keep in mind the longer you wait, the less puppies you may have to choose from. Currently, we have deposits for four puppies in the litter we expect to be born in June and ready for new homes in late July.

Above Is A Short Video Of Some Of
Our Previous Puppies Playing Together.

The Puppies Shown In This Video Have All Been Adoped And Are Now Living With Their New Families.
The puppies pictured above are our most recent Cockapoo puppies. These puppies have all been adopted and are currently living with their new families. Though we don't have any Cockapoo puppies available at this time, we do expect to have two new litters born in July and ready for new homes in September.

Now Lives In
Miami, FL
Glenhaven Cockapoos
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Silver Merle
9 lbs.
Haley (Chocolate & White)
Bridgett (Black & Tan)
Ginger (Red) - All 15 lbs.

Now Lives In
Minneola, FL
Now Lives In
Atlanta, GA
Now Lives in Rockledge, FL

Oz & Ginger's
Puppies Have
All Been Adopted!

Oz & Haley's
Puppies Have
All Been Adopted!

Now Lives In
Melbourne, FL
Now Lives In
Melbourne, FL
Now Lives In
Talllahassee, FL
Now Lives In
Avon Park, FL

Now Lives In
Sherkston, ON
Now Lives In
Orlando, FL
Now Lives In
Ocala, FL

If you live in Florida, but more than an hour from Dade City, we'll be glad to drive and meet you at approximately the half-way point to hand deliver your puppy on the day it goes home with you.

When the puppies go to their new homes they'll be current on puppy shots and worming and will have a Florida Health Certificate issued by our vet. They also go to their new homes with a written guarantee against genetic health issues for two years from date of purchase. We dock tails and dew-claws, sell only to approved pet homes and all puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract.

If you'd like to be notified by email whenever new puppy pictures are posted on our web-site, go to our "Contact Us" page to send us an email and we'll be glad to add you to our list of parties wishing to be notified.

Many of our puppies new Adoptive Families have decided if one Glenhaven Cockapoo is great then two can only be better.  We'll be glad to provide references as well as our vet's contact information.

Thanks for your interest in Glenhaven Cockapoos!

Now Lives In
Winter Garden, FL